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Here are the most commonly asked 247games.com questions:

Records Reset
You can reset your scores, stars, and stats (back to zero) by clearing your web browser’s cookies. Depending on your preferred web browser, you can clear your cookies either by individual site or across your browser's history — depending on your preferred course of action.

All Online Play
In recent years, we’ve moved away from downloadable apps to all online play at 247Games.com. This course of action is twofold as it allows us to better maintain our games for our audience as well as adhere to the latest web and device standards. All of our online games are 100% free, with no sign-in, and can be played on any of your devices using your favorite web browser.

Why do we have ads?
We are a small, independent gaming studio. We work with various advertisers to keep the lights on and our employees happy, so that we can continue to provide 100% free games for our audience. We are constantly evolving, and will continue to review ad formats that have the least impact on gameplay.

Ad Selection
We do not personally select the advertisements. Displayed ads are typically based on internet and device usage. You can, however, adjust your web browser’s ad settings. For example, in Google Chrome, you can control the ads that you see by adjusting the browser’s Ad Personalization Settings.

Game-Specific FAQ:

The most commonly asked game-specific questions.

Checkers: How to double/triple jump
You can double jump and triple jump as long as they are available. Just select the second or third (farther / farthest) highlighted square when a double or triple jump presents itself.

Crossword: How to reveal an answer
You can reveal a letter, word, and the whole puzzle (as needed) by clicking the lightbulb button in the lower right corner, followed by the corresponding "letter, word, or all" button to reveal any unknown answers. You can also click the wrench (settings) button, following by clicking the toggle for “Show Errors” as you work through the puzzle.

Hearts: Shooting the moon
Shooting the moon is when you want to win all the hearts and the Queen of spades. If you succeed, you gain no points that round and every other player gains 26 points

Solitaire: How to switch games
To switch between Solitaire games: click on the New Game Button, followed by the left and right toggle arrows to scroll through 1-Card, 3-Card, Spider Solitaire, Freecell, etc). Select the game by clicking on the window that displays your game of choice.

Spades: Nil bids and sandbags
If a nil is bid and met, the team gets an additional 100 points. A won double nil gets 200 points. When either of these are not met, the team will get -100 and -200 points respectively. Once 10 sandbags are reached, the team loses 100 points and starts over with 0 sandbags again.

Sudoku: Allow errors setting
If the Allow Errors toggle is turned off, there are time penalties for each incorrect value entered. Click the toggle to on if you’d prefer to not have time penalties added to your overall time.

Game not working? Try this first:

If you’re experiencing any unusual game behavior, you might be able to fix the problem right now.

Direct Links
Are you loading the game links directly from our site at: https://247games.com and not from previously saved bookmarks?

Restart Web Browser + Device
Have you tried restarting your web browser as well as your device? Sometimes a reboot can resolve any erratic, unusual, or sluggish web browser and/or device behavior.

Check For Updates
Are there any available (or overdue) web browser and/or system updates for your device that may be causing an issue?

Alternative Web Browser Try another web browser to see if the issue is limited to a specific web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc)

Test Multiple Devices
If available, have you tried another device (tablet, phone, desktop, laptop, etc) to see if the issue is limited to a specific device? Clear Cookies
Have you tried clearing your web browser’s cookies, to ensure that you're loading the latest version of the game? (Please note that clearing your cache/cookies will reset any current game records, and in-game progress, back to zero)

Still Need Additional Help?
If the above troubleshooting steps did not resolve your issue, please provide the following information for some one-on-one assistance.

Still Need Additional Help?

If the above troubleshooting steps did not resolve your issue, please provide the following information for some one-on-one assistance.

What game(s) are you experiencing the issue in?
(247 Solitaire, Fall Mahjong, Christmas Word Search, etc)

At what point of the game did the issue occur?

What type of device are you playing on?
(PC Desktop, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc)

What OS is currently running on your device?
(Monterey 12.5, Windows, 11, etc)

What web browser are you using?
(Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc)

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